Message from the President and Our Vision

Photo: 代表取締役社長 結城 研

Message from the President

We propose high-quality
and optimal logistics solutions
for everything from aircrafts to cosmetics

President and Representative DirectorKen Yuki

In 1987, our company, as a member of the ANA Group, started operations to provide import/export customs clearance services for parts used for maintenance of ANA aircrafts. Thereafter, we provide support 24 hours a day, every day in the field of logistics of all goods handled by the Group such as aircraft bodies, goods for in-flight services, duty-free goods for sale on airplanes and at airports, and EC products in addition to aircraft parts, so that ANA can offer safe and comfortable flights and various products.

Recently, based on those experiences, we expand the scope of our business operations to include goods for overseas airlines and business jets, large equipment used at airports, products for sale at duty-free shops in town, and more. In doing so, we have grown to a company that responds to a variety of needs of our customers outside the ANA Group and provide services to them.

Taking advantage of expertise, knowhow and experiences centering on customs clearance and in-bond management that we have accumulated for many years in the aviation field that requires a high level of safety, compliance and timeliness, we will continue to grow by proposing high-quality and optimal logistics services that satisfy customers without fail.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.


  • Group Management Philosophy

    Built on a foundation of security and trust, "the wings within ourselves" help to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world.

  • Group Management Vision

    It is our goal to be the world's leading airline group in customer satisfaction and value creation.

  • Our Business Philosophy

    Create organic connections between people, products, and information and continually create new systems in order to contribute to society.