Duty-free Goods

Service flow

Figure: Service flow

Products delivered from overseas brand manufacturers are forwarded to a bonded area and delivered to our warehouse (bonded warehouse). After inspecting them and obtaining approval from the customs house, we keep and manage them as bonded products.

  • Duty-free shops refer to shops located in a bonded area established within an airport. A bonded area refers to an area where objects for which collection of customs duties is reserved are allowed to be stored.

Some background knowledge

Difference between duty-free shops at airport and in town

Like airport duty-free shops, duty-free shops in town are located in a bonded area, and therefore a customer who buys goods at such a shop is not allowed to take the goods out of the shop immediately. A customer who buys a product at a duty-free shop in town cannot receive the product onsite, and the product is retrieved from a warehouse according to the flight schedule of the customer and delivered to the customer at the airport. In this respect, duty-free shops in town differ from those at airports where customers can immediately receive their purchases onsite.
To reliably deliver products chosen by a customer to him/her, we use electronic devices to carefully check the products multiple times.

<Airport duty-free shop>
Figure: Airport duty-free shop
<Duty-free shop in town>
Figure: Duty-free shop in town
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    Storing duty-free goods in warehouse
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    Storage shelves for duty-free racks
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    Warehouse work related to duty-free goods