Recruiting Information

Information about hiring of recent graduates

For the guidelines for applicants, please visit the recruiting website of the ANA Group.

Information about mid-career recruitment

The company is currently not recruiting mid-career employees.

Handling of personal information during recruitment

The personal information (C/V, employment history, academic transcript, etc.) which is obtained by our company from individuals during recruitment activities will be handled in accordance with the following rules for the handling of personal information.

Click here to download the rules for handling personal information and the consent for recruitment.

When sending C/V and other documents related to personal information, download the above document, read it, and sign it before sending the documents to our company.

Inquiries related to personal information management

Inquiries related to personal information management
Personal Information Office, General Administration Division, International Cargo Service Co., Ltd.
Sogo Building No.5,1-6-5,Haneda Airport Ota-ku,Tokyo,Japan 144-0041
TEL:03-5708-3301 FAX:03-5708-0201